Qingsong Yao is awarded a MICCAI Student Travel Award and Jiuwen Zhu is awarded a MICCAI Student Participation Award

The MICCAI Student Travel Awards scheme serves two main functions:

  1. To reward the best (such as highest scoring) first author students and to subsidize their attendance to the present their work at the annual MICCAI conference.
  2. To assist in building the MICCAI community by selecting early career participants from countries of lower-income countries from where fewer papers are received and the authors are typically not well funded to attend international meetings.

The MICCAI Student Participation Award is aimed to strongly support equality, diversity and inclusion and has allocated these MICCAI student participation awards 2020 on a fair basis, respecting our targets of at least 50% from lower-income countries and also being aware of gender distribution to those who identify as not male, and other underrepresented groups.