Jiuwen Zhu was selected to participate in Tencent’s 2019  Rhinoceros Bird Elite Talent Training Program

On April 4th, we received a notice from the Tencent project team. With the help of Professor  S.Kevin Zhou and  Associate professor Hu Han, student Jiuwen Zhu was qualified to participate in Tencent’s 2019  Rhinoceros Bird Elite Talent Training Program. From July to October 2019, Jiuwen Zhu will go to Shenzhen Tencent Co., Ltd. to participate in the scientific research visit of the topic “Lesion detection and malignant judgment in medical imaging”.

The 2019 “Rhinoceros Bird Elite Talent Training Program ” is sponsored by Tencent Co., Ltd. It focuses on first-class technology, interdisciplinary research, and the hotspots of robotics, AI, autopilot, quantum computing, machine learning, etc. At the same time, Tencent will continue to provide corporate tutors for selected students,  provide real industry issues and massive data, provide comprehensive guidance in the field of student scientific research, career planning with university tutors. In addition to regularly inviting domestic rhinoceros academic experts, Tencent will regularly invite IEEE/ACM Fellow to exchange academics with students to explore academic frontiers, stimulate students’ academic interests and innovation potential, expand students’ international horizons, and enhance students’ intercultural communication skills. Joint colleges and universities work together to cultivate high-level research talents.

We hope that during the visit,  Jiuwen Zhu will fully contact and understand the real problems of the industry, expand scientific research ideas, verify academic theories,  publish papers, apply for patents, and strive to achieve academic breakthroughs.