MIRACLE 2020年 一季度季报



• 祝贺周少华研究员受邀担任 MICCAI 2020 Program Chair !

MICCAI2020是MICCAI(Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention) Society的年会,是医学影像计算和计算机辅助介入的顶级专业会议。今年10月在秘鲁的利马召开。

• 祝贺周少华研究员当选IEEE Fellow !

因在“医学影像分析和人脸识别”领域的贡献,周少华研究员当选IEEE Fellow,任期从2020年1月1日开始。




  •  2020.02.01: 姚青松 (Generative adversarial network )

Paper-1: M. Liu, T. Wang, J. Zhu: Semantic Image Synthesis with Spatially-Adaptive Normalization Taesung Park. IEEE CVPR, 2019.

Paper-2: M. Liu, Y. Ding, M. Xia, X. Liu, E. Ding, W. Zuo, S. Wen: STGAN: A Unified Selective Transfer Network for Arbitrary Image Attribute Editing. IEEE ICCV, 2019. 

Paper-3: P. Wu, Y. Lin, C. Chang, E. Y. Chang, S. Liao: RelGAN: Multi-Domain Image-to-Image Translation via Relative Attributes. IEEE ICCV, 2019.

Paper-3 (RelGAN):

  • 2020.02.17: 朱玖闻 (Superpixel & Unsupervised representation learning)

Paper-1: R. Achanta, A. Shaji, K. Smith, A. Lucchi, P. Fua, S. Süsstrunk: SLIC Superpixels Compared to State-of-the-art Superpixel Methods. PAMI, 2012.

Paper-2: V. Jampani, D. Sun, M. Liu, M. Yang, J. Kautz: Superpixel Sampling Networks. IEEE ECCV, 2018.

Paper-3: T. Chen, S. Kornblith, M. Norouzi, G. Hinton: A Simple Framework for Contrastive Learning of Visual Representations. 

Paper-3 :

  • 2020.02.24: 柯芷莹 (Depthwise separable convolution)
  • 2020.03.02: 孙孟柯 (Federated optimization)

Paper-1: H. B. McMahan, E. Moore, D. Ramage, S. Hampson, B. A. Arcas: Communication-Efficient Learning of Deep Networks from Decentralized Data. AISTATS, 2017.

Paper-2: T. Li, A. K. Sahu, M. Zaheer, M. Sanjabi, A. Talwalkar, V. Smith: Federated Optimization in Heterogeneous Networks. MLSys, 2020.

Paper-3: R. Shao, H. He, H. Liu, D. Liu: Stochastic Channel-Based Federated Learning for Medical Data Privacy Preserving. NeurIPS, 2019.

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  • 助理研究员、博士后和工程人员等;
  • 博士硕士研究生、实习生(全职或远程)等。